How do I cancel a Backorder?

If a product is not immediately available for dispatch, it will be placed on 'Backorder'. If a patient cannot wait for a product on Backorder, it can be cancelled and another product ordered in its place.

Locate the customer’s account

Navigate to “Order history” in the lefthand navigation bar

View the order containing the backordered item

Click the “Cancel Order” button

A modal window will open. You will now see a “Backorder” status next to the items which are on backorder, as well as a tick box.

Tick the box next to the items to confirm your selection

Click the “Cancel selected items” button.

Note the shipment status will transition to “Cancellation Requested”.

Indigo Lighthouse have now been notified and will contact the distributor to manage the cancellation on your behalf.

Once the distributor confirms the cancellation, the status will transition to “Cancelled”, at which point Indigo Lighthouse will notify you via email to confirm this.

The customer will be automatically refunded.