Welcome to your Starfish website! There are a few more things to do before your website is ready...

Your website ships with pre-loaded web content and a catalogue of products.

Apply for your Merchant ID Account

In order to take payments and enable eCommerce, this must be done.

Choose which products to put on sale

Your Starfish catalogue has all the products included that you are able to sell. Set a price for each product that you wish to put on sale and whether they are available on subscription.

Select 'Products' from the left-hand menu and amend each product in the list as necessary.

Add a Payment Card for your Starfish Account

Pay for your Subscription to Starfish.

Add your Branding

Add your organization's logo and change the color scheme of your default Starfish website in the Theme tab from the Control Panel.

Expertise & Services

Check the default content and unpublish any pages that you do not wish to display.

Add Locations

You should add the address for each of your store locations to your new Starfish instance. This is important as you will assign prescribing locations and your staff users to different locations. Even if you only operate from a single location, you should add this here.

Click the control panel link in the header bar then settings from the left-hand menu. Now click the locations tab from the sub-menu. Click the new location button. Complete the form as fully as possible, note that some text fields are mandatory. In most cases, your location will be both a store and an eye care practise, so activate these two cheque boxes.

Provide an address including city zip code state and country. Note that the country must be typed as the letters 'USA'. Add a telephone number, fax number and e-mail.

The schedule appointment URL field should be completed if you use a third-party appointment scheduler. If this is the case add the URL linking to the appropriate page.

Your current Domain Owner

If you want to use your current URL for your new Starfish website we'll need their details so that we can contact them.

Basic Authorization

Your website has another level of security applied automatically called 'Basic Authorisation'. To go 'live', you must de-activate this in 'Account Settings'.

Add any other Starfish Users

To invite a member of staff to your Starfish instance, select the control panel link from the header bar and then staff users from the left-hand menu. Click the invitations button on the top right-hand side of the page. Then click the new staff invitation button.

Complete the form by adding the invitee's e-mail address, telephone number and an external reference. The external reference is a name that will appear in the starfish user interface to help you identify the user.

Select it role from the drop-down these roles will be automatically created already and if appropriate choose a store. The stores listed in this view will reflect those locations that you have already added. Note that for some of the roles, a store must be selected.

Click the send invitation button. The invitee will now receive an e-mail at the address you provided, and you will be able to see when the invite has been accepted and that the user has activated their account.

Add 'Contact Us' and 'from' email addresses

Starfish send out a variety of automated emails relating to a patient account. It is advisable to provide an e-mail address that your patient will recognise.

From the left-hand menu select 'Emails' and then 'Configuration'. In the 'from e-mail address' text field, add a recognisable e-mail address for your organisation. You can also add footer text here, which will appear in all automated emails delivered by Starfish.

The second e-mail address you’ll need to add is for the 'Get in Touch' webpage.

This is a form that your visitors can submit any questions to your organization.

Select 'Pages' from the left-hand menu. Locate the get in touch page from the list of existing web content. Click the page title in the list and on the edit page add a destination e-mail address for your organisation.

You can also add or edit any page content in that text field.

Don’t forget to press the update page button at the foot of this view to save your changes.

Content Updates

The content shipped with your Starfish website is generic, you may want to add, update or delete some of the pages.

Staff Members, replace the default biographies and portraits

Testimonials, replace the default Testimonials in the home page

Blogs, add any news stories for your organization

Create a 'Sandbox'

A Sandbox is a safe version of your website where you can practice using the features and try out the purchase flows without creating 'real-world' dispatch notes and patient accounts.

Use a sandbox to help you and your Staff get familiarized with Starfish.